On the Hunt: Best French Macarons in Indianapolis

Eating a macaron at HoiTea ToiTea
Eating a macaron at HoiTea ToiTea

Ever since coming home from a recent visit to Paris, I’ve been on the lookout for authentic French macarons in Indianapolis. While in Paris, I visited Ladurée, which had the best macarons I’ve ever experienced. Literally life-changing. So much so, that I started to become frustrated that I couldn’t find anything that was anywhere as close to the flavor of those French macarons here in Indianapolis.

Since I wasn’t having any luck finding amazing macarons locally by happenstance, I decided to go on a hunt for macarons that were most like my beloved Ladurée macarons, or at least as close as I could possibly find in this city. After getting recommendations from friends and scouring reviews online, here are the best macarons I found:

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