Around Indy: Thai Taste

Thai Taste is the first Thai restaurant I ever visited and has since become one of my all-time favorite Thai restaurants in the Indy area. It’s one of those places that is consistently great to the point that you start to take it for granted. Located in a Castleton strip mall, it’s a tiny, unassuming place that you’d easily miss if you’re not looking for it, but it’s a real gem.

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Around Indy: Small Parks

Indianapolis Canal Walk selfie

If you’re from the Indianapolis area, no doubt you’re very familiar with Eagle Creek Park, Broad Ripple Park or Fort Harrison State Park. But, if you’re far from these major parks, like I am now, or you just don’t want to pay a fee to enjoy some outdoor time for a few hours, there are dozens of great smaller parks in Indianapolis and the surrounding area to enjoy free of charge! Here are some of my faves:

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Around Indy: Taxman Brewing Co.

Chicken Chili

After seeing endless photos on Instagram of all of the amazing entrees Taxman produces, I just had to check this place out! I get the feeling that this will be a popular spot once people catch on to how cool of a place it is, so I wanted to get in while it was still not on the radar for a lot of people yet.

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