Around Indy: Salt on Mass

Yet another place I’ve had bookmarked forever on Yelp, and never gotten around to trying… until now! Devour Indy was, once again, the perfect excuse to check another restaurant — Salt on Mass — off of my ever-growing restaurants-to-try list.

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Around Indy: Hedge Row

Lakisha Johnson - Drinking an Aperol Spritz at Hedge Row

You know what’s better than trying a brand-new restaurant? Trying a restaurant that’s been open for six months. As much as I’ve been dying to eat at Hedge Row since it opened, I was happy I waited until the newness wore off and the fanfare about the place died down before checking it out, and this summer’s Devour Indy was the perfect excuse to head downtown to try it.

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Around Indy: The Cake Bake Shop

The allure of The Cake Bake Shop is a combination of the general atmosphere, decor & the desserts — flowers all over the place, glittery cakes, and pink-colored, sparkly everything makes The Cake Bake Shop it’s own special, magical place to escape to for delectable sweets in the Indianapolis area.

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