European Vistas Day 3: Let them eat charcuterie!

Ulm Cathedral

After a filling breakfast buffet in Boppard, Germany at the same place we had dinner the night before, we were off to Ulm, Germany for lunch. I had not even heard of Ulm before we got here, so it was fun to visit a place I had no preconceived notions about, and I was surprised when we were sitting down in the main square for lunch at how it felt like I could have easily been in a historic city in the US if it weren’t for all of the people speaking German around me.

We grabbed lunch at a little place called Pano, where I learned that ‘brat’ just means “sandwich’, and does not necessarily mean that there will be meat on that sandwich. Apparently, I neglected to ask for the ‘wurst’, because I ordered the first brat I saw on the menu and it was just cheese, tomato, and pesto. To my surprise though, it was incredibly delicious, and I was happy I accidentally ordered it.

The brat at Pano
The brat at Pano
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