Around Indy: Midland Arts & Antiques Market

I’ve been on the lookout for some unique furniture pieces, and after not finding anything at the usual stores, a visit to Midland Antiques Market was definitely in order. It’s one of those places I only think about a couple of times a year, but when I go, I can’t believe I don’t stop by more often!

They have an adjacent private lot with free parking. During this visit, there was a truck backed up into the entry door stairway, making it awkward to enter the store. For someone of a certain size, it may have been impossible to get in until the truck moved. I’ve never seen anything like that here before and chalk it up to bad decision-making on the part of a random customer, though store personnel should have intervened to keep that from happening in the first place.

I was a little annoyed with that but tried not to let it ruin the rest of the visit. Like every other trip here, I began by looking at everything except for what I actually came to find.

I tried on more than a few fur coats…

Midland Antiques

…found a surgical light that must have been the first ever created…

Midland Antiques

… tried to figure out some way to fit these two on my front porch…

Midland Antiques

… wondered how often these chandeliers would have to be taken down and polished…

Midland Antiques

… sat in chairs that may or may not have been thrones at some point…

Midland Antiques

… and regretted not buying this Harry Potter themed magnet.

Midland Antiques

Even though I ultimately didn’t buy anything during this visit, it was still a valuable trip to get some ideas for vintage decor inspiration and be reminded of how many fun, unique pieces are available at Midland Antiques. I love mixing old with new in interior decor, and hope to visit more often to have a better chance of finding some hidden treasures.

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