Around Indy: Della Leva

Della Leva, a new coffee shop in the Fishers area, has been on my list to visit since it opened last year… mainly to experience the Instagram-worthy flower wall, but also heavily driven by an undying love for my favorite caffeine fix.

On a random weekend coming back from downtown, I finally had a chance to stop and check the place out. Upon walking in, I was greeted by a barista and started checking out the menu and eyeing some items in the pastry case.

I ended up going with my old favorite, a caramel macchiato, and also had a cinnamon butter scone. The scone wouldn’t have been my first pick, but it was getting late in their operating day, and there wasn’t a big selection of items left to choose from. They also have some breakfast sandwiches available to order, but I didn’t opt for any of those on this trip.

Caramel macchiato made with coconut milk

The scone was pretty bland, but the macchiato was excellent! This one I had made with coconut milk. I generally don’t get my macchiatos with coconut milk because they taste watery with whatever milk brand other coffee shops use, but this one was full-bodied and smooth. For the first time with this drink, I didn’t notice a difference from regular milk. I will definitely be back for another one, and will hopefully try some of their lattes as well. If you’re a tea drinker, they also had several teas (hot and iced) on the menu.

Cinnamon butter scone

I was also happily surprised to find Penn & Beech candles sold here! I’ve been looking for these ever since I smelled one in the restroom at Provision, and here they are. I opted for the hydrangea candle, which smells heavenly.

I’m excited about this latest addition to Fishers! It’s in a fairly new, undeveloped business park area right now, which is sure to be filled with new businesses in the near future. I even spotted a museum I’d never noticed before (Legends Museum) and made a mental note to check that place out and stop for coffee some weekend in the near future.

There’s also currently a $1 off any drink offer when you check in on Yelp — making it a little bit more affordable of an experience. Go check out Della Leva!


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