Zionsville Olive Tap

While flavored vinegar and olive oil may not seem all that exciting at first glance, my eyes were opened to how amazing fresh olive oil is and the range of flavors that balsamic vinegar mixes with to compliment both main dishes and desserts at a little shop in Denver. Since then, I’ve hoped to similarly unique olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop closer to home, and found just that at Zionsville Olive Tap!

You just have to go in and try it to believe how good flavored balsamics and vinegar can be! There are small cups next to all of the oils and vinegar varieties and you can just sample a tiny bit. I highly recommend trying everything, particularly the balsamic vinegar options, because you’ll be surprised at how delicious they are.

One of my favorite balsamic vinegar flavors is Lavender, with the Bourbon Maple being a recent new favorite of mine as a fall option! I like to either enjoy the balsamic vinegar just as a shot or sometimes mixed with sparkling water for a fun, flavorful drink. The fruity/berry flavors are also great on top of desserts or pancakes.

Lakisha Johnson at Zionsville Olive Tap
So many options

The Bourbon Maple vinegar was recommended as a great marinade as well, though I haven’t tried that yet. The store features recipe cards as well if you want to try using their items when cooking, but need a little inspiration to get started.

Everyone working in the shop is friendly and not pushy at all – it’s a comfortable environment to sample while not feeling like you have to buy something if you’re not really feeling it. If you’re in the downtown Zionsville area, Zionsville Olive Tap is definitely worth a stop!

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