Around Indy: Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs has been my go-to brunch stop for years and I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about it already! At first glance, it looks a standard diner, complete with melamine tables and pastel-colored barstools, but you’ll find much more than standard diner fare on the menu here.

In addition to the normal bacon, eggs, and pancakes, one of the things I love most about this place is their fun skillet-style dishes. As a huge fan of tossing a much of stuff in a bowl, I love combos like the Mr. Potato Head Casserole that combines hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, cheese, and veggies.

Mr. Potato Head Casserole

Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict is also a yummy choice: a cornbread-based dish topped with chorizo, eggs, cheese, potatoes and a load of yummy veggies including avocado and green onion. Their blueberry muffins are amazing too and I trade out the Everything Muffin that comes with this dish for a blueberry one.

My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE item on the menu is the Cinnamon Roll. If you don’t get any other item on the menu, get the cinnamon roll! It’s made with croissant dough, baked in a cast-iron skillet and has the creamiest vanilla bean cream cheese icing I’ve ever tasted! I literally never go to Wild Eggs without ordering one, whether I eat it there or get it to go.

Cinnamon Roll

One downside of this place is that, as amazing as all of the food options are, the coffee is fairly “meh”. I get it because I need my caffeine, but I do wish they had a better-quality standard coffee and options for espresso-based drinks. They do have a bar though, so you can opt out of the coffee and opt-in to a mimosa or bloody mary if that’s more your style.

Another downside is that Wild Eggs doesn’t offer delivery from the Fishers location. Boo to that! On the other hand, if they were on DoorDash, I’d probably be broke and weigh 400 pounds, so maybe it’s for the best I can’t order from there whenever the mood strikes.  

Because it’s a popular brunch spot, this place gets BUSY on the weekends. One tip I’ve used to cut down the wait is to use the Yelp app to “Join the Waitlist” on Wild Eggs’ page (I’ve done this at the Fishers location)  and cut back on time waiting around for a table at the restaurant. Or just order to-go and don’t have a wait time at all!

With all of the trendy spots that are still on my list to check out in the Indy area, Wild Eggs is always the standard I compare all other brunches to, and, so far, none of them has beaten Wild Eggs for taste, variety, service, and price. Even writing this post makes me want to go back for more brunchy deliciousness!

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