Guess who’s headed to the Big Apple?

Summer in NYC

After my tour of Europe, I assumed I’d stay put for the summer… I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had told a friend of mine earlier that if she ever got tickets to the Tonight Show, I’d go with her. This was months and months ago, and I hadn’t given it a second thought since she’d already been trying for years to get tickets. But, of course, while I was away having the time of my life overseas, she finally scored Tonight Show tickets. More specifically, she scored one ticket, which meant if I went with her I wouldn’t have a guarantee that I’d see the show, but I’d have a good chance of getting one if I was willing to wait in the standby line.

Post-Europe I was too exhausted to even consider another trip (the show taping was only three weeks away), but after a few days to sleep on it, I decided the trip was worth a shot at getting a Tonight Show ticket. After all, we’d be there doing more than just the show, and I’d never been to NYC before, so why not?

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