Barcelona Secret Corners Photoshoot

In metropolitan cities like Barcelona where pickpockets are rampant, traveling as a solo female doesn’t give me particular confidence in handing over my cell phone to a stranger to snap a pic. This is why I’m so happy I found the affordable Barcelona Secret Corners professional photoshoot on Airbnb Experiences!

My photographer was Mel, and she was a blast to hang out with for an afternoon of having my photo taken! We roamed the streets through the Gothic Quarter and El Born, stopping strategically at different spots, all of which were fantastic backdrops for photos.  

And now that I’ve booked a vacation photoshoot, I will forever make sure that a professional photoshoot is part of every solo trip I take in the future. It was so great to have someone who knew the city and exactly where to go for great shots, as well as getting the bonus of some history and stories about each area as we walked from spot to spot.

Final Thoughts

The one change I wish the Barcelona Secret Corners tour would make is to include the Arc de Triomf in the photoshoot! The tour ends across the street at Parc de la Ciutadella, and it would have been great to get photos at one more iconic landmark in the city, and only add a small amount of time to the tour. And the one change I’ll make for any future photoshoots is to bring an outfit change so that all of my photos aren’t in the same clothes! 

Wish the tour had ended at the Arc de Triomf!

I highly recommend the Barcelona Secret Corners photo tour to anyone visiting Barcelona! You get the option to choose 25 of your photos taken during the shoot to download included with the tour cost, with the option to pay for any additional photos you want.

This shoot was great for a solo traveler, but they also welcome couples and groups as well. You can book this photography tour on Airbnb. There are also other photo tours offered by the same company at

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