NYC Trip Day 4: Indy or Bust

An accurate depiction of how we felt in Newark airport at 2 am
An accurate depiction of how we felt in Newark airport at 2 am

I really wish I’d have taken some video of our late night/early morning airport shenanigans. Neither of us felt safe enough in Newark airport at night to really sleep, so we alternated running around the entire place trying to keep ourselves awake and trying to find quiet places to nap. We’d been awake for nearly 24 hours and had to power through a few more. 

During our wait, we encountered some “interesting” characters, including a woman in a wheelchair who stunk like she hadn’t taken a bath all year and was trying to get anyone she could to buy her a coffee, and another woman who was going around telling people an obviously-fake sob story to get them to give her a few dollars. There were also small groups of people having loud conversations full of swearing and laughter in some dark corners. I don’t know if it was more crazy or creepy. In our sleep-deprived state, these random people just didn’t make any sense and it felt like we were in some kind of alternate universe that was Newark airport’s baggage claim.

After the longest night of our lives, we finally got out of there on a 9 am flight! I slept for possibly the first time in my life on a plane that day and couldn’t have been happier to touch down in Indianapolis. Other than our horrific airport experience, I loved NYC and can’t wait to go back again… through any airport other than Newark.  

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