Holiday Fun: Yelp-mas Maker’s and Mistletoe

Yelp-mas Maker’s and Mistletoe was the first Yelp Elite event I’ve been able to attend and it was a fantastic cap-off to all of the holiday parties for the year. The event was held at The Corner (formerly known as The Corner Wine Bar) and it was so much fun for just our group to have the run of the place for a few hours.

Upon arrival, everyone was given two drink tickets to get one of three yummy Maker’s Mark whiskey-based holiday drinks. I really should have tried the hot cocoa in addition to the mule, but I stuck to the holiday mule for the second drink because the first one was so good. Since I now have a list of the ingredients and a bottle of Maker’s Mark, I fully intend to try to replicate this drink at home so wish me luck!

There was a local business, Into the Woods (by Heather), represented at the event selling all-natural body products, and it was the perfect opportunity to grab a couple of the affordable jars of body butter to use as gifts!

Next was a photo op with Santa, complete with a bottle of Maker’s Mark, which turned out not to just be a prop we got a bottle to take home with us! Apparently, for adults, Santa already knows what’s on your list… a bottle of whiskey lol

After the photo op was some time to just mingle with some other attendees. There were a few what I think of as “super-Elites” there that have written thousands of Yelp reviews and posted even more photos. It was great to talk to those folks about their favorite places that they’ve visited & eaten as well as what inspires them to document so many places, as well as chat with some “normal” Elites (like me haha). I was worried about going alone and not having anyone to talk to, but everyone was so friendly!

On the tables were goodie bags for everyone! My bag had a very nice Yelp water bottle and candy cane. And, as often as I misplace these bottles when I travel, I can never have enough.

The Corner provided a buffet of appetizers, all of which were delicious, but I particularly enjoyed the wings! I was taking my chances eating those while wearing a white shirt, but those wings were worth the risk of ending up with a sauce-covered shirt.  

Next on the agenda was bingo with Santa! We played three games of bingo, with the winners getting free brunch at The Corner. I think this was the only game of bingo I’ve played in my life where the prize was something I actually wanted lol. I didn’t win any games… but I still think brunch at the Corner is in my future after checking out how delish the menu looks.

I loved this event and only regret not getting more involved in the Yelp event scene in the previous couple of years. Looking forward to seeing what kind of fun Yelp cooks up for us in 2019!

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