Around Chicago: Bub City for Brunch

In a city like Chicago with so many top-rated options for brunch, it’s difficult to pick a place to go last minute. But after having previously sampled dinner and drinks at Bub City, it was easy to make the decision to check out their brunch on a summer Sunday afternoon.

Right off the bat, I was already a big fan of their brunch drink options. They’ve got a make-your-own bloody mary bar, along with a number of other brunch-friendly libations like margaritas, sangria and their amazing back porch tea, available both in a single cup or a pitcher for easy sharing. 

The Food:

Fried Chicken & Cheese Biscuit

The fried chicken here is amazing, so combine it with a delicious house-made biscuit and whatever secret sauce they use for their cheese blend, I’d come back for this dish again! It also came with a sweet bacon jam on the side, which was the perfect accompaniment to the sandwich. The only change next time is to ask for an extra helping of that jalapeno cheese!

Cinnamon Sticky Buns

The only sweet options on the menu are the sticky buns and waffles. I chose the sticky buns this time, and I’d say they were good, but not the best I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely try the waffles the next time, though if I came with a small group, the 6 small sticky buns would be a fantastic option for sharing.

Cheesy Grits

The fact that Bub City even offers grits was a big part of the reason I wanted to come! It’s been tough to find grits in Chicago, so I get pretty excited about a place that has them. Like the sticky buns, these weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but they were good and worth a try as a side dish. 

BBQ Bacon with Mac & Cheese

These options are offered as sides for the $16.95 choose 1 plus 3 deal from the lunch/brunch menu, and either eaten separately or combined together, they make an absolutely delicious brunch side!


I’m used to chilaquiles being topped with more stuff, so I’m always disappointed to see them come out without being loaded with queso, cilantro, tomatoes, and onions. Maybe what I really want is nachos instead! In any case, these were good, just not exactly what I was expecting.

Overall, I loved brunch at Bub City and would highly recommend it! The service was great, and having the outdoor seating option along with good live music to add to the atmosphere makes it an ideal pick for a place to hang out for a while, enjoy the company and have some phenomenal food. 

Pros: Live music, outdoor seating to enjoy in the summer & a lot of different options for brunch and drinks at reasonable prices! Definitely a great place to bring a group… and also dog-friendly outside. 

Cons: No beer-mosas or mimosas on the brunch menu, though with their offerings of beers, prosecco, and juices, you could definitely order the components separately and make your own!

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