Around Chicago: Chicago Pedal Boats

Nothing says summer like boating on the Chicago River, and pedal boating with Chicago Pedal Boats is an exciting way to actively enjoy an evening out on the water. 

I attended as part of a group and we were able to bring our own food & drinks! They even have cooler compartments to hold all your drinks and keep them cold. 

The entire experience lasted about two hours, with about half an hour spent docked just getting set up and waiting for people to arrive and an hour and a half actually boating. Luckily the boat had a motor that worked without us having to pedal, so we were able to pedal the first half of the ride, then sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset during the last half of the ride.

The crew was fantastic and very accommodating to our small group. We had a great time with Chicago Pedal Boats and would highly recommend them for your next river outing! 

[Note: This post references my pedal-boating experience in 2019. There may be COVID-related rules in place if booking in 2020, so be sure to check out for current availability and restrictions.]

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