Cocktail Creations with Empress 1908 Gin

Empress Gin

I’ve been getting a little bored with the usual cocktails, and a new bottle of Empress 1908 Gin has given me the motivation I needed to try some new cocktail recipes! I decided to make the Q1908 cocktail (from the Empress Gin website), as well as come up with a cocktail of my own.

Cocktail #1: Empress Q1908 Cocktail

The Empress Q1908 Cocktail is the kind of drink you make when you want a lovely escape from the ordinary after a long day – the perfect cocktail to make you feel a little bit fancy even when you’re at home! The recipe is extremely simple, but the egg white foam takes it up a notch. 

Cocktail #2: Orange Elderflower Gin Cocktail

I’m not the best when it comes to making up my own cocktails, so I was pleasantly surprised with how this one came out! I knew I wanted something similar to a gin rickey, but with citrus, and I also wanted to experiment with how the citrus + elderflower + gin combination would taste.

It turns out that the Orange Elderflower Gin Cocktail is the perfect go-to summer drink! Empress 1908 is distilled using a unique blend of botanicals that pairs extremely well with citrus, and Elderflower liqueur complements both the gin and citrus additions perfectly. The addition of club soda makes the entire drink into a light, refreshing experience. 

This gin pairs well with a variety of fruits, flavored liqueurs, juices – go wild and experiment with whatever ingredients you have on hand to make your own custom Empress 1908 Gin cocktail creation!

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