2018 Indianapolis Home-A-Rama

This year’s Home-A-Rama featured some great homes! I was hoping for much more modern farmhouse decor inspo (like some of last year’s Home-A-Rama homes), and though there were some houses with that style on the outside, the inside didn’t quite reflect that as much as I hoped. In any case, there were definitely design elements of each house that I loved and can see incorporating into my own decor in some way. Here are some of my favorite elements of the 6 Home-A-Rama houses:

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My House: 4 Years Later

This month marks 4 years since I bought my house (and the longest time I’ve lived in any one place) and I thought I’d commemorate it by posting some before and after photos and some info on the improvements I’ve made so far… because it was originally a hot mess of low-end builder grade finishes. And now, it’s a lot less of a hot mess, though there are still lots of projects left to tackle!

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2017 Indianapolis Home-a-Rama

A visit to Indianapolis Home-a-Rama has become an annual event and is a great way to see beautiful homes and get inspiration for design and decor for your own space. Usually held in the Westfield area, the Home-a-Rama features a number of custom-built homes that are open to view. This year’s Home-a-Rama was held in The Lakes at Grassy Branch in Westfield and featured a total of 5 houses. Tickets to the event ran $15 – $18.

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