2018 Indianapolis Home-A-Rama

This year’s Home-A-Rama featured some great homes! I was hoping for much more modern farmhouse decor inspo (like some of last year’s Home-A-Rama homes), and though there were some houses with that style on the outside, the inside didn’t quite reflect that as much as I hoped. In any case, there were definitely design elements of each house that I loved and can see incorporating into my own decor in some way. Here are some of my favorite elements of the 6 Home-A-Rama houses:

Tour Home #1: Becley Building Group, Inc.


My favorite bedroom of all the homes was in House #1… mainly because of the dramatic floral wallpaper and distressed furniture. All of the finished and details in this home were truly beautiful.

Tour Home #2: William Custom Arts Builders


My favorite elements of this home were the kitchen cabinetry and the master bathroom counter tops. Keeping the cabinetry light and bright really made the home feel cheerful and welcoming.

Tour Home #3: Kent Shaffer Homes

I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more gold decor elements into my home while still tastefully combining other finishes, and this home did a great job of combining gold, silver and black metallic finishes in a way that looked stylish and coordinated. This house also had my favorite exterior of all of the homes this year.

Master Bath with a fridge and an espresso machine… #goals

I was also a huge fan of the refrigerator and espresso machine in the master bath! Maybe I’d actually turn into a morning person if I could have a fresh espresso waiting for me when I hopped out of the shower in the morning.

Tour Home #4: Scott B. Campbell Custom Homes

Tour Home #5: Old Town Design Group


I loved the materials and architecture of the exterior of Home #5, but wasn’t so crazy about the interior decor choices. I did think the office area was fun and liked the large floral accents on the wall in that space.

After this home, there was a shuttle stop to get to the final home in the tour. It was a nicely outfitted area, complete with the nicest portable restrooms I’ve ever seen and as a bonus, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing was on site selling beer to enjoy during the 5-10 minute shuttle wait.

Tour Home #6: Arthur Rutenberg Homes


This was another home that successfully mixed metals while still having a cohesive look. I loved the kitchen counter tops in this home and all of the gold light fixtures and accessories.

Of the six homes, this year’s Home-A-Rama House #1 was the home I voted to win, though it was a toss up for me between House #1 and House #3!

Which is your favorite?

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