2017 Indianapolis Home-a-Rama

A visit to Indianapolis Home-a-Rama has become an annual event and is a great way to see beautiful homes and get inspiration for design and decor for your own space. Usually held in the Westfield area, the Home-a-Rama features a number of custom-built homes that are open to view. This year’s Home-a-Rama was held in The Lakes at Grassy Branch in Westfield and featured a total of 5 houses. Tickets to the event ran $15 – $18.

House #1
BBG Construction

I appreciated the bold color choices used in House #1, as well as the amount of wall texture and wallpaper used to add interest to each room.

House #2
Havencrest Homes

What I liked most about house #2 was the consistent gray color tone throughout, with pops of color to keep it from being boring. Also, there were small details, like very specific handles and lighting fixtures that made this home special.

House #3
Sobczac Construction Services Inc.

Home #3 had the most “fun” elements of all of the homes viewed today, particularly the garage door window in the basement.

House #4
Gollner Homes

Home 1

What I liked most about Home #4 was the way that natural and finished wood was uniquely used throughout the home in different ways.

House #5
Steven Kay Homes

Home-a-Rama House 2

House #5 had some interesting design elements scattered throughout the home, like the patterned black and white tile in the laundry room and the wallpaper in the craft room.

The Verdict

The house I voted for was Home #2. All of the design choices and the color scheme of the house aligned with my own decorating style the most. There were elements of all the houses that I’d like to implement in my own home, and I was happy to get an inside view of these larger homes that were incredibly-well designed and decorated, yet featured design elements that the average person could afford to easily translate into their own space.

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