Around Indy: The Cake Bake Shop

The allure of The Cake Bake Shop is a combination of the general atmosphere, decor & the desserts — flowers all over the place, glittery cakes, and pink-colored, sparkly everything makes The Cake Bake Shop it’s own special, magical place to escape to for delectable sweets in the Indianapolis area.

I’ve visited the shop at least once each season, and enjoy the different decorations changed to match the time of year. I particularly enjoy the Christmas decor and recommend stopping in during that time just to check it out, and grab a sugar cookie while you’re in there!

Most people tend to get the cakes (of course), but they also sell lots of other desserts to tempt you, including macarons, chocolate chip cookies, honey walnut bars, and all kinds of pies. Out of the cakes they have, I highly recommend the Neopolitan cake (it’s three flavors of cake in one slice!), Hummingbird cake, Coconut cake and the Raspberry Champagne cake.  If you’re eating at the restaurant, you can get a slice and easily split it with a friend: the slices are huge.

In addition to the desserts, The Cake Bake Shop also serves a variety of fun drinks, soups, salads and sandwiches that are perfect for a light meal. And you’ll want to eat light to save room for cake!

Lunch at The Cake Bake Shop
French Ham & Gruyere Sandwich + French Onion Soup
Hibiscus Champagne
Hibiscus Champagne

The menu options change daily or weekly, so it’s a good idea to check Cake Bake Shop’s website or social media if you’re coming in for something in particular to make sure it’s available… or just pop in as I often do, and be surprised.

At the time I’m writing this post, a new shop is being constructed in Carmel, Indiana, which will hopefully mean shorter wait times at peak times and more convenient parking than at the current Broad Ripple location. I’m looking forward to having a location closer to home and happy that such a unique local shop is seeing so much success.

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