Holiday Fun: What’s New at Newfields Winterlights 2018

Newfields Winterlights

Last year’s Newfields Winterlights experience was amazing, but this year’s event is even better! 

My only major complaint about Winterlights last year was that there was no food for an event that’s schedule around dinnertime, and they fixed it for this year! There’s not a full meal-sized offering of food available, but a variety of snacks, soups, and charcuterie was enough to stave off hunger while you’re walking around in the cold (only credit cards accepted for payment). Make sure to try some samples and a buy a snack pack from Smoking Goose— you’ll thank me later. And there’s also some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available at several areas around the event.


They also have tickets for different time frames throughout the evening, so it never feels overly crowded with people when you’re walking around. And there are lots of Newfields people around (easily identifiable by a blue glowing Newfields tag around their neck) that are willing to take a photo for those of us who can’t walk more than ten feet through the space without wanting a pic!

There’s also light displays, and bushes and trees decorated similar to last year’s setup, but this year, the lights are either brighter or larger or they just added a lot more of them to each display. It’s an impressive sight that you don’t have to wait until it’s pitch black outside to fully see.

Newfields Winterlights

Another fun thing added this year is the snowstorm, which is a fun tunnel of lights to walk through with sounds and flickering like you’re in a real storm!


And, of course, there is the beautiful Lilly house that is fully decorated for Christmas as well, with every surface fully covered in decor and multiple trees around the house. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s a great place to walk in and warmup mid-way during your time at Winterlights.

If you haven’t been to Winterlights before, it’s definitely a fun experience for people of any age! Just make sure you get tickets in advance, as dates closer to Christmas tend to sell out. Winterlights runs November 18, 2018 – January 6, 2019. You can buy tickets on the Newfields website at

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