Around Indy: The Lemon Bar

The Lemon Bar was a fun pop-in during the Brick Street Market in Zionsville. Filled with Flying Cupcake goodies and a full menu of lunch items, it was the perfect midday stop after lunch at Auberge.

I was only here to check out the dessert options, but it would be a really cute place to stop in for a light meal & dessert. Both the interior and exterior patio area are adorable and make it a spot you want to hang out for a while in.

There’s a Flying Cupcake near my work, and I knew this place was an offshoot of Flying Cupcake, so I wasn’t expecting anything new and amazing here, but I was surprised to find both cakes and cupcakes! Slices of the slices of cake I saw ran about $10, so definitely more expensive than the cupcakes, but cheaper than a slice from The Cake Bake Shop.

The only fault I found in the place is the wait for service. I had to wait a solid ten minutes for someone to man the counter for me to purchase a cookie from the pastry case. I did notice though that if you were eating in, there was a separate hostess available who was seating people fairly quickly.

Even though I wasn’t here long enough to warrant ordering a meal, the salads and sandwiches that I eyed coming out of the kitchen looked amazing. It’s definitely a place that’s now at the top of my list for an upcoming lunchtime visit.

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