Just what NYC needs: 2 more tourists


We arrived late morning to Newark airport and took a car service into Manhattan. Our hotel was the Sheraton at Times Square, which was in an easy walking distance of the majority of the things we wanted to do and see. Although we could have found some place cheaper, the trade-off of cutting down on taxi and Uber rides made the extra expense worth it to us.

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Guess who’s headed to the Big Apple?

Summer in NYC

After my tour of Europe, I assumed I’d stay put for the summer… I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had told a friend of mine earlier that if she ever got tickets to the Tonight Show, I’d go with her. This was months and months ago, and I hadn’t given it a second thought since she’d already been trying for years to get tickets. But, of course, while I was away having the time of my life overseas, she finally scored Tonight Show tickets. More specifically, she scored one ticket, which meant if I went with her I wouldn’t have a guarantee that I’d see the show, but I’d have a good chance of getting one if I was willing to wait in the standby line.

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Final thoughts on the Expat Explore European Vistas tour

Hotel rooftop photo

Some people I talked to before I went on the trip couldn’t believe I’d pay the $1,400 for a group travel experience when I could have done it on my own for cheaper, but, in reality, traveling with Expat Explore was cheaper for me as a single traveler than on my own. Also, I’m the type of person that hates to travel alone, so paying just to have some company would have been worth it for me. I’m also the type of person who isn’t fond of being in charge of travel plans, so having the logistics mapped out was an invaluable benefit.

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European Vistas Day 7: Paris is always a good idea


Just look at that flaky goodness!

The breakfast buffet at Ibis Dijon Clemenceau was either exceptionally good, or we were just exceptionally grateful to have a breakfast that was actually edible after our experience in Lucerne. Now that we were in France, my indulgence of choice switched from cappuccinos to croissants. I know croissants have become a French cliche at this point, but these were honestly the best croissants I’ve ever eaten. With some fresh butter and apricot jam, I could live off of eating these things! Heavenly.

It was a great start to the day, and it was about to get better. A four-hour bus ride was the only thing between us and Paris!

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