Around Indy: Milktooth


On a whim, I made a quick first stop into Milktooth on the way home from a work trip. You can’t have lived in Indy for any amount of time and not at least heard of this place. And though I’ve heard great things about the food, I’ve heard the wait times can be brutal on weekends… which is usually the only time I’m in the downtown Indy area.

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Around Indy: Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs has been my go-to brunch stop for years and I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about it already! At first glance, it looks a standard diner, complete with melamine tables and pastel-colored barstools, but you’ll find much more than standard diner fare on the menu here.

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Making the Switch: Apple iPhone 6s Plus to a Google Pixel 3

Let me just tell you… I was SO stressed out by the decision to switch from an Apple iPhone to the Google Pixel 3 phone. I’ve become accustomed to all of the iMessage features and also use Airdrop a lot when I’m traveling and I’m also just fully tied into the Apple ecosystem by having a MacBook, iPad, and a work iPhone, so not choosing an iPhone as my personal phone doesn’t seem to quite make sense.

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Holiday Fun: Yelp-mas Maker’s and Mistletoe

Yelp-mas Maker’s and Mistletoe was the first Yelp Elite event I’ve been able to attend and it was a fantastic cap-off to all of the holiday parties for the year. The event was held at The Corner (formerly known as The Corner Wine Bar) and it was so much fun for just our group to have the run of the place for a few hours.

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Holiday Fun: Yelp Totally Bazaar 2018

Yelp Totally Bazaar 2018

The 2018 Yelp Totally Bazaar was the first Totally Bazaar that I’ve attended and it was a blast! It’s such a treat to have a bunch of local businesses, some you’ve probably been meaning to check out and some you’ve never heard of, all in one place, and the Indianapolis Central Library venue was the perfect spot to sample and shop the night away!

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